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Facebook adverts

Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results.

Find people easily

You can choose your audience based on demographics, behaviours or contact information.

Get their attention

Our advert reporting tools show you how your adverts have impacted your business in visual, easy-to-read reports.

Youtube adverts

Any video uploaded to YouTube can be an ad. Pre roll video ads appear before other videos on YouTube. Other video ads appear beside playing videos and in search results.

What does video advertising cost?

You have complete control over your daily budget, so you can spend what you’re comfortable with.
Plus, you only pay when someone engages with your video ad. If they skip it before 30 seconds (or the end) you don't pay a cent.

Who can you target?

YouTube has a variety of targeting options that help you reach the right customer for your business. You can target by age, gender, location, interests and more.

How do you measure the results?

YouTube has built-in Analytics that make it easy to see how your ad performs. You can also make adjustments to your ad at anytime, and run multiple ads at once to see which works best.
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